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ICONS-04Marketing Services

PDXdesigns offers extensive services and are only limited by our imagination. From single graphic items to extensive managed services, we can handle any project and match any budget. Check out our portfolio for examples we have done in the past.

Let PDXdesigns help you establish a plan for your company’s marketing, to help establish who your customer is and the best way to effectively reach them

When it comes to marketing: You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to do it all. But you have to do something!

We see more often than not, many small businesses struggle to maintain a strong marketing presence, let alone have a solid understanding of what marketing is.

As we work with new companies we start by trying to get to know the business the best that we can by doing a series of analyses to help discover the strength and weaknesses of the business. Only then can we effectively and efficiently work to help strengthen the company’s marketing position….putting you in front of the right customers.

Consulting/ Marketing Management Services

PDXdesigns consulting services help you control your marketing costs and your bottom line while delivering professional marketing messaging usually reserved for larger companies- allowing your business to be more competitive in the real world. Many small to mid-sized companies need the services but cannot entirely justify the expense associated with hiring a full-time marketing manager. Let our Managed Marketing Services provide you with an affordable alternative to a full-time marketing department. Our managed services allow PDXdesigns to take an ‘ownership’ role in your company! We more of a marketing partner and we do more than just pull levers….we help you develop a rock-solid marketing strategy and plan and unlike most other marketing consultants, we execute! Take the pain out of your marketing and get back to work on what you know, your business! 

Put simply: Marketing is a very broad term to describe activities and that bring customers to your business….see, simple. Well, maybe it’s not that simple.

PDXdesigns can offer simple yet effective activities -that we can implement for you or we can show you how to do them yourself. Activities that will help you start to gain some control over your marketing and extend your market reach further each day. We work with any budget and try to help you determine how to best approach your marketing needs and goals. We can help you start at the grassroots level or assist you in a marketing plan that is already in full swing! Give us a call today and find out what PDXdesigns can offer you and your business!

No Commission Pressures!

This is a common concern that many marketers fail to mention to potential clients. We look at your business not at ours when consulting the best approach for your business’s marketing direction. We do have a list of vendors that we like to use, but not because of the kickbacks because they provide the best quality services at the best value.

Sales or Marketing?

Ah yes, this is a long-debated subject of whether or not marketing is sales……this is a tough one. Unfortunately, the answer is yes and no. Simply, marketing makes customers aware of your brand, your products, and your business and (hopefully) conveys the message that your product is better than the competition. Marketing does not necessarily translate into direct sales, but rather when a customer DOES decide to make that purchase you are at the front of mind and they then go to you first for that specific product or service.

By this rationale, advertising would be marketing…..we believe yes, it would. This is very broad and not necessarily the most scientific form of marketing, but you can’t deny the fact that advertising helps and encourages the sale of products to specific consumers. However, many forms of mass advertising are prohibitively expensive to many small to mid-sized companies and for this reason many fail to do anything, thinking that the cost is way too high. Many people are not completely aware of the many marketing activities that a company can do that are low or no-cost and can have a HUGE return. Before you write a huge check to your local advertiser, check into all the other kinds of direct and indirect marketing activities that could be of little or no expense to your business…..especially social media!! When done right can be incredibly effective and far less expensive than you would imagine…..but this does take time. Lots of it in fact if you want to do it well.

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