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Websites Galore!

Need a presence on the web? That’s where we come in. PDXdesigns can help you make an impact and take advantage of the greatest marketing advertising tool ever! From our most basic website to a managed site that includes regular updating and maintenance we have to offer it all. Our idea is to make it look good and function well. All of our sites are custom-tailored to your needs and wants and are not out of a box template-based sites. We put design first in everything that we do so that you are maximizing each impression you make on a potential customer.

Social Media 

Let us help you keep a consistent look and message across all your digital platforms. These days the ‘web’ is much more than just a website floating freely. These days your web presence needs to include social media and work seamlessly across all kinds of device platforms. Make sure that you are capitalizing on all media outlets available to you and that you are maximizing your online presence…..we can help you do that.

Email Marketing

PDXdesigns has been creating strong email marketing campaigns for more than a decade! We take pride in our longstanding track record of creating impactful email marketing campaigns that work! As technologies advance and come in and out of fashion and practicality, email marketing has proven to be a strong tool for successful marketing. Dollar for dollar it’s hard to beat email marketing as your first line of contact with new and existing customers. Call us today!

Work as good as it looks!

We have a simple principle when it comes to creating a website: Make sure the website looks awesome and works! This is more than just quick loading pages but good layout, with quality information and content. Not only is this important to the end-user, but it’s also very important when it comes to being seen on search engines. PDXdesigns gets you started off on the right foot so you can track your website’s progress while being easily recognized by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! We also offer regular updating so that your content is always fresh and changing which will result in more repeat visits and potentially more opportunity to market to customers.

Who We Work With.

PDXdesigns offers full-service web design and support. From large corporate web sites with full-service shopping carts to small budget business sites- we can work with any size budget. Give us a call and let us show you how we can help you take advantage of the web and let it work for you and your business.

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