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Located in Portland, Oregon – PDXdesigns is your one-stop for all graphic design, marketing, and web design needs. PDXdesigns provides complete marketing services from idea to execution. Offering custom graphic design and solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs. PDXdesigns can help create a consistent marketing package that will create a high branding impact and maximum support for any sales effort. PDXdesigns won’t leave you out in the cold either. We can help you every step of the way with expanded services and regular marketing support to help you implement and keep track of your company’s marketing activities. PDXdesigns offers complete support from web design to vehicle wraps, we handle it all! We take pride in our community and our work. Call us today and find out how PDXdesigns can help your business grow.


It’s a simple way that we like to do business. We are ego-free and all about giving our customers what they want, not what will look best in our portfolio. Better Built means better for your business, better for your customer, and better for your budget! We build it for our customers. See, simple.

Started in 2007, PDXdesigns was created to fill a need for not only creative service but also implementing marketing activities for small to mid-sized companies. With a background in professional graphic design, PDXdesigns is serious about aesthetics and presenting the best side of your company’s profile. But we don’t stop at looks, we have brains too! We found that many of our clients knew they needed materials and branding, but weren’t completely sure of how to deliver that message to clients and customers. PDXdesigns takes on a different relationship with our clients, one that goes beyond traditional agency relations. We view it as a partnership and take an ownership role in the development and implementation of our client’s branding and marketing efforts.

No commission based ad selling!!!

This is a huge part of most of the marketing world. Many companies try and get you to sign up for huge advertising campaigns that you can’t completely afford, just so they can get a commission by selling select products for the vendors. We at PDXdesigns see this as a direct conflict of interest. You rely on your marketing representative to look for good opportunities that not only fit your needs, but that makes sense. We feel there are so many other outlets for marketing and advertising that we try and make sure you are doing those first before encouraging you to spend thousands of dollars with traditional, large blanket advertising. For less than the cost of some weekly circulars, you could be targeting your customers directly for a year!!!

Technically, we’re based in Milwaukie, Oregon

PDXdesigns has found the perfect place for business in Milwaukie. With the proximity to Portland and it lies on the beltway to the southern end of Clackamas County, Milwaukie offers a great atmosphere for creatives with plenty of room for growth and a pro-business city attitude. Take some time and visit Milwaukie….we’ll buy the coffee! (Seriously, there are great coffee shops in Milwaukie)

PDXdesigns has committed to its community and the residents of Milwaukie. A business is only as strong as its community and we are so proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many non-profit and youth organizations!

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