XTC™ Hair Growth Systems include a combination of Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy, DHT inhibiting products, proper scalp hygiene and professional healthy haircare maintenance systems. This multi-therapeutic approach synergistically blends to yield the most aggressive method available today for treating unhealthy hair issues, hair aging, thinning and hair loss.

Laser hair therapy is a safe and effective technology that aids in the treatment of both hair loss and thinning. Laser hair therapy is non-surgical, non-chemical, FDA-approved and has been researched and tested for over 30 years with successful results in stimulating hair growth. Clinical studies have shown impressive results and nearly every participant has reported some level of successful hair regrowth.

Everyone can benefit from using Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy and XTC™ Hair Growth Systems! We use tools for early detection of hair loss and aging so you can proactively prevent hair loss. We'll help you to reverse signs of hair aging, repair breakage and damage, stop the progression of hair thinning and loss, all while promoting the strongest cycle of hair growth possible. Find out how Xtreme Laser Hair Therapy can transform your hair!

"I was at wit's end trying to figure out if I should buy wigs or get plugs before I started the XTC treatments. It has been wonderful. I'm not embarrassed to be out in public any more. After just six treatments we started to see new hair growth. After 1 month, it was over an inch of new hair, where once I saw just scalp!" -Sandy, hair loss client from Star's Organic Spa, Wesley Chapel , FL

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Hair aging, thinning or loss; Family history of hair aging, thinning or loss; Chemical damage, hair extensions or weave; Surgery in the last year, Recovering from Chemotherapy; Weight loss or dieting; Menopause; Stress; Medical conditions such as: Thyroid, Diabetes, Auto Immune, Anemia, Hormone Imbalance, on medications for Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Anti Depressants, Birth Control; or Scalp Conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Seborrhea Dermatitis, Dandruff, Dry or Itchy Scalp.

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